Selected Presentations

Please see my CV for additional presentations.

Tijerina, T. & Powell, T. (10/2023). Eight years later: Data from an open technical communication textbook and next steps. KSU All Things Open Access Week. Online.

Tijerina, T. (2/2023). Fostering student agency through portfolio-based ungrading in online writing classes. Global Society of Online Literacy Educators Annual Conference. Online. 

Tijerina, T.; Gallant, J.; Hofer, A.; & Buck, S. (9/2022). Recognizing the labor of OER work: Providing guidelines for tenure & promotion policies. Open Texas 2022 Conference. Online.

Tijerina, T. (10/2021). Create meaningful engagement in your TSC courses with OER-enabled pedagogy and instructional design (workshop). Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) Annual Conference. Online. 

Tijerina, T. (10/2021). Evaluating OER accessibility: Open, digital, pedagogical. Open Education 2021 Conference. Online. 

Azadbakht, E., Tijerina, T., & Dimopoulos, E. (7/2021). Evaluating OER for accessibility. Open Education Network and Rebus Foundation’s Office Hours. Online. Invited.

Gallant, J. & Reardon, T. (11/2020). Accessibility in OER design (workshop). Open Education 2020 Conference. Online. 

Reardon, T. & Gallant, J. (11/2020). Faculty, librarians, and designers, oh my!: Rounding out a system-wide advocacy team. Open Education 2020 Conference. Online. 

Powell, T. & Reardon, T. (11/2020). Ethical dilemmas in an open technical communication textbook: Lessons in audience awareness. Open Education 2020 Conference. Online. 

Reardon, T. & Gallant, J. (6/2020). Into the digi-verse: Bringing everyone into accessibility and inclusive design. GALILEO Virtual Conference. Online. Invited.

Reardon, T. & Grissett, J. (4/2020). Narrative presentation: Create meaningful engagement in your courses with open pedagogy and instructional design. USG Teaching & Learning Conference. Athens, GA. 

Reardon, T. (4/2018). Breaking the stigma: Faculty and student perceptions and experiences with OER. Open Education Global Conference. Delft, The Netherlands. 

Reardon, T. (6/2016). Open educational resources: A cost and copyright analysis. Distance Learning Administration Conference. Jekyll Island, GA.