Open Technical Communication is an openly licensed, remixed, and collaboratively developed digital textbook for introductory technical communication courses. It won the 2022 OE Global Award for Excellence in the Open Reuse/ Remix/ Adaptation category.

Tijerina, T.; Powell, T.; Arnett, J.; Logan, M.; & Race, C. (2020). Open Technical Communication. OpenALG. Originally published as Sexy Technical Communication (2016).

Pedagogy Opened: Innovative Theory and Practice is an openly licensed, peer reviewed monograph series. Included in its first volume (2024) are seven manuscripts that explore open pedagogy and related topics through an equity lense. It is published by the University of North Georgia Press.

Tijerina, T. (Ed.). (2024). Pedagogy Opened: Innovative Theory and Practice. University of North Georgia Press. 

*Cover designed by Sidney Alexander at Kennesaw State University, CC BY 4.0

Peer Reviewed Articles

Tijerina, T. (2023) 'But who really pays when it's free?': Debunking publisher claims about OER in writing courses. Communication Design Quarterly 11(4), 45-48. DOI: 10.1145/3592378.3592381

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Proceedings and Other Publications

Gallant, J. & Tijerina, T. (2022). Advisory Model for Open Education in Promotion and Tenure Processes. OpenALG.

Tijerina, T. & Gallant, J. (2021). OER Accessibility Series and Rubric. OpenALG.

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